Liturgy of the Hours

On this page you will find tools that will help you pray the Liturgy of the Hours.

An Introduction to praying Liturgy of the Hours by Martha Krieg

The New Melleray Antiphonal

Using the Antiphonal:

New Melleray Ordos for the current year: (ordos will be added as they are received)

An alternative to the New Melleray Antiphonal

The document provided here is a simpler guide to the Liturgy of the Hours based on the ordo of Our Lady of the Mssissippi Abbey (which is not all that different from New Melleray’s). It has only the antiphons and prayers for ordinary time; there is nothing for any of the feasts or solemnities, nor is there anything for the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent or Easter. Just Ordinary Time. It is much more portable than the NM Antiphonal, and much simpler to use. You will need to use a psalter with the booklet.

Liturgy of the Hours Booklet – Ordinary Time

It’s easiest to down load the document to a flash drive, take it to a place like Staples or Kinkos and have them print and bind the document. If you want to do it yourself, print the document double sided, flipping pages on the short edge. Then cut the stack in half, fold one side over the other (make sure the page numbers are in the right order), and bind.

An Analysis of the Psalms by Fr Stephen Verbest
This quite detailed analysis of the psalms was found in the AIC archives. Fr. Stephen probably used it for one of his presentations on the psalms.

Other Resources for praying Liturgy of the Hours