Prayer List

Since we do not have the opportunity for common prayer in the same physical place, we encourage Conversi members to include the Conversi community and all its members in their first prayers of each day.

Today we are praying for Colleen Le Blanc.

  1. Lexa Woods
  2. Arno Baule
  3. Ben Fitzgerald-Fye
  4. Billy Bidwell
  5. Colleen Le Blanc
  6. Collette Snydacker
  7. Francisco Barbin
  8. Frieda Chyn
  9. Jennifer Belokur
  10. Kate Zilla
  11. Katrien Holvoet
  12. Kristian Canler
  13. Lorna Tatomir
  14. Martha Krieg
  15. Martin Heggestad
  16. Mary Seitz
  17. Meg Hogan
  18. Neil Benedict Han
  19. Peter Stuart
  20. Peter Zimmer
  21. Ricardo de Manzo i Flores
  22. Richard Boyder
  23. New Melleray Abbey and Persecuted peoples throughout the world
  24. Deceased members of Conversi and AIC and All the forgotten people of the world who have no one to pray for them
  25. Members of AIC and Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey
  26. All Cistercians - lay and monastic - around the world and Members of our local parish or congregation
  27. Our pastors and others who minister in our local parishes and Pope Francis and the leaders of other Christian Churches
  28. The Citeaux Mater Nostra project to rebuild the monastery at Citeaux and Migrants and Refugees

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