About the Program

The Associates of the Iowa Cistercians have developed the Conversi Program for persons who are unable to attend regular AIC meetings because of distance constraints, family responsibilities, work schedules or other reasons, but are looking for information, resources and support to assist them in applying Cistercian values and practices to their lives outside the monastery.

The goal of Conversi is to encourage and support persons in learning about and applying monastic values and practices in their everyday life in the world.

The Conversi program is designed to offer registered members access to a web-based on-line community that will provide the following: informational resources including transcripts of talks presented at monthly AIC meetings; and reviews and recommendations of books and articles about monastic values and practices.

  • On-line discussion forums.
  • Information about contacting other Cistercian Associate groups in other parts of the U.S.
  • Links to other sites where additional information can be obtained.

Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in an annual retreat at New Melleray Abbey with other members of the Conversi community.