How do I decide if the Conversi program is for me?

Potential members of Conversi are asked to prayerfully consider whether they are being called to participate in this program and to honestly determine whether there is anything that would interfer with their ability to participate fully in the Conversi community.

  • I feel a calling from God to explore a contemplative lifestyle in the world but am unable to participate in monthly meetings of the Associates of the Iowa Cistercians or other Cistercian Associate groups because of distance constraints, family responsibilities, work schedules or other reasons.
  • I understand the purpose of the Conversi Program is to encourage and assist individuals who feel called to incorporate the wisdom, insight and inspiration of Cistercian values and practices into their daily lives.
  • I am an adult Christian.
  • I am able to devote time and energy to participate in the Conversi formation program via the Internet.
  • I understand how to take part in on-line discussion forums, chat room discussions, and weblogs and will make it a priority to do so each week.
  • I will not use the Conversi web site as a forum for seeking advice about physical or emotional health issues, or as a means of promoting personal or political agendas.
  • I will identify one or more contemplative practices which I will faithfully pursue every day.
  • I will spend time thinking and praying about what I am learning through my participation in the Conversi program in order to incorporate it into my daily life.
  • When participating in on-line discussions, chat rooms and weblogs, I will remember to respect each member of the Conversi community.
  • If family, work or other obligations interfere with my participation in the Conversi program, or if I discover that I am unable to live a contemplative lifestyle in the world, I will withdraw from the community.